35 Days of Prayer

This week we began a 35 day journey of praying for one another. We prayed for the discouraged and the disappointed and the sick and the lonely… After my evening prayers I posted brief reflections on the specific need we prayed for that day. (You can see these reflections, if you’ve not already, on Emmaus’ Facebook page). I was encouraged and a bit surprised by the response. As a pastor and preacher, I’m always on the lookout for what “connects” with people. Clearly, disappointment, discouragement, and needs of all kinds are familiar to many of us. (It’s not altogether encouraging to see several people “liking” statements like “Today we’re praying for the disappointed.”) I’ll preach more about this at Emmaus on Sunday. We, in many ways, share a common condition. And Jesus calls us to a common response. I hope you’ll join us for church in Lincoln, Ca this Sunday at 10.
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