Getting Pulled Back to God

Yesterday at Emmaus we considered a few of the things we have in common with all people – Brokenness and a Need for Grace.  Nate shared some examples of brokenness and charged each one of us to not only rest in God’s grace and restoration but to also offer this grace to others.  Just before communion, Nate defined grace as nothing more than loving people when they don’t deserve it.  This simple definition was made even more beautiful when it was followed by the communion ritual in which we remember and experience the grace of God in the broken body and blood of Christ.
When I picked up my oldest two kids (ages 6 and 4) from the Emmaus Kids program they each were hanging onto a craft.  They had drawn a picture on a piece of paper, cut it up into smaller pieces, and then glued it back together.  When I asked them about what they learned they were both eager to show me the craft.  ”We get broken, but Jesus pulls us back to God and glues us together,” Bracken explained.  
Brilliant.  Beautiful.  
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