How to Talk to Kids (About God)

Other than identity – who you are – the most important factor in effectively passing on the faith to the next generation is message: What you say – specifically, what you say about having a relationship with God.
Almost every week I’m in a conversation with a coach or a parent or a friend who is trying to figure out how to talk to someone about having a relationship with God.
Here are 10 ideas, specifically focused on talking to kids:
· Read the Bible with Your Kids
· Read Christian Allegories (Pilgrims Progress, Narnia Chronicles, George MacDonald)
· Discussing the characters and their choices
· Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs – Eph. 5:19
· Give thanks – Eph. 5:20
· Share and discuss your “highs and lows” from the day.
· Use Emmaus’ Sunday teachings!
· Talk to kids about God’s role in the family. (Explain why your family does things the way you do, especially as it relates to following Jesus)
· Share your personal faith.
· Ask spiritual questions: How’s your soul?
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