It Happens Almost Every Time

When I, as a preacher, dig into the reality that many of us are facing real pain, the email inbox fills up.
It’s a sobering reminder that, even here in Placer County, there are lots of hurting people.
Here’s a brief sample from the emails I received Monday:

The sermon hit the spot.
Thanks for sharing from your heart today.
Today, as soon as you mentioned “I had hoped…” I felt pain, but I am glad, because I felt something.
Your words, “The Christian response to brokenness is GRACE”, keeps playing in my mind.
…the point of this is – whatever it is that caused my reaction… you and God are having an impact, and I just wanted to let you know that…
Your message struck a chord in my heart regarding the experiences of pain…

We all share a common condition of brokenness. We must recognize this. As the Church, we’re called to respond to brokenness by extending grace to one another.
This is difficult for many reasons, including the fact that pain – even shared pain – affects us in such different ways.
May Emmaus be an authentically grace-filled community.
(Join us for church this Sunday in Lincoln, CA for part #2 of our new series: Common Grace.  As always, if you missed Sunday’s message, be sure to listen or watch online.
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