More Valuable Than Peace

Is there anything more valuable than peace?  
We’ve been studying the “priestly blessing” given to Moses by God, Himself, in the Old Testament book called “Numbers” (chapter six).  It is a blessing that is wonderfully concise, powerful, practical and personal.  It’s also progressive.  By that I mean that it begins with a blessing for basic material provision and protection: “The LORD bless you and keep you.”   In other words, “May God give you stuff and protect you from it.  
Then the blessing becomes distinctly spiritual: “The LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you.”   This deeper blessing reveals how God “shows up” in your life: his radiant presence is graciously shining toward you.  In other words, God likes you.  A lot. 
Finally, God’s affection for you is emphasized: “The LORD lift his face to you…”   God wants to repeat and emphasize how He feels about you.  He adores you.  He compares his love for you to a father lifting his child above his head in complete delight.  
And this progression results in one beautiful, valuable gift: “…and give you peace.”   This is the culmination of the blessing of God.  No material blessing can compare to the assurance of God’s presence and affection in the midst of pain and grief.  Nothing is more valuable than peace.  
May God provide for you, protect you, be present to you, be gracious to you, reveal his affection for you, and grant you His peace.
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