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  • M.Campiz says:

    Beautiful message, where are we with GOD? Do we have the courage to ask the Holy Spirit? Where am I? Or do we know? So true! At times we may think we are in full bloom with PAPA GOD, however have we grafted ourselves to HIM that even in those times of dying to ourselves and the painfulness that comes with rebirthing, are we strong to stay with PAPA in that dry/dead season? Are we grafted on to HIM that even though at times it may seem hopeless, we get the living water, food and protection from HIM and once that season ends we are more alive and we gather strength for the next season and so on. During this anniversary (church location) what season is the “community” in? if there are some that are in dry/dead season where others may be in full bloom, are we there for each other? Are we serving each other? Or are we only serving those that are like “me.”

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