Step into the Bible – Book Review

Are you looking for a great devotional tool to use with your children 10 and under to inspire their journey with Jesus? I have a great book that I have used with my kids that has come to be considered a children’s Christian classic. Step into the Bible- 100 Bible Stories for Family Devotions by Ruth Graham.
This book introduces you and your children to the basic doctrines, about what it means to obey God, what original sin is, why Christ had to die and what is eternal life.
Every story has a Bible memory verse- which I put on 3X5 cards and put them on the fridge so that the kids can see it and also have each child draw a picture to illustrate what the Bible verse means to them. You can use watercolors, crayons, markers, pastels or any form of media that your children enjoy working with.
Family Devotions can be whenever works best for your family. Many families enjoy breakfast time, after dinner or before bed – when is not the important issue, choosing a time and being consistent is. Your children will look forward to this time and remind you if you happen to forget ☺.
The illustrations are engaging and the devotions are just the right amount of time to captivate and hold their attention. The questions are simple, yet you can always add to what is given to challenge or expound on the topic that you are reading about or read through the Scripture verses given at the top of the page.
This devotional tool for families includes:

100 Bible stories that highlight the core values of the Christian faith
Has a unique layout that will engage your child’s heart for God
Open-ended questions that encourage exploration and spark your child’s
Memory verses that build spiritual character and knowledge
Help for parents to talk with your children about basic Biblical doctrines and

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