Why compassion doesn’t make the to do list

Last Sunday I asked our community why compassion so often slips off our priority lists.
It’s an interesting question, especially to a church community like ours, because there’s already such a deep level of buy-in on helping others. We already believe we should serve this city. We already want to change the world.
But, even we – who are already convinced – rarely do anything.
Why is that?
The reason I focused on Sunday is the misunderstanding that we need to first reach a point of health before helping others. While in extreme cases this is true, most of us should instead help others while we, ourselves are in the process of healing.
Waiting to get healed before working to help others is stupid. People who consistently help others know this. It’s because you’re never fully healed. You’re always hurting somewhere. You’re never at 100%. There simply aren’t people who have it all together.
If you’re waiting to help because you’re not fully healed, stop. Help while you’re hurting. You’ll be healed as you help others.
[tomorrow: another reason we rarely serve others: we have enough to take care of in our own homes! ]  
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