Your church-free Christianity is like my fantasy football team

You’ve seen those shirts that say, “Football is life…”

And you understand that for some, football spreads over all of life, colors all of life, becomes a pervasive reality, is always on their minds…

But you also understand that, at the core, football is a very specific and well-defined experience. The game literally happens in a dedicated space: there are boundary lines drawn on a field, there’s a clock that marks the start and completion of the event. There are rules, strategy, specific roles (positions), real effort, and a clearly defined purpose.

Worship is like that. Worship can, and absolutely should, spread to all of life. But “worship as life” must be rooted in “worship as event.” The believers gathering for worship fuels the believers scattering for worship.Image

Remove the “worship as event” part and the “worship as life” part slowly dissolves into self-serving fantasy.



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